13 Tips for Identifying Vintage Clothing Labels & Tags

13 Tips for Identifying Vintage Clothing Labels & Tags

Another resource for dating vintage clothing are museums. There is a website called VintageFashionandArt. You can see gorgeous vintage dresses from all around the world in one spot. It would be a good one to add to your resource list. We live in a house built in and recently the previous owners sent us a gift we are preserving the heritage and history of two old shirts they found in the spring house. They are single stitch button shirts 1x male and 1x female and have odd stitching I haven’t ever seen.


The business of denim review is a tricky one. Alain Delon in a s Storm Rider. Image via Pinterest. Therefore, this womens to the Storm Rider, must, as many others, be comprised of the educated guesswork favored by our community. Some of our sources are decidedly unacademic Superfuture comments, anyone?

The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is an American military flight jacket originally invented and until the A-2 specification documentation was declassified and published by an anonymous Vintage Leather Jacket forum member in Contract Number, Order Number, Contract Date, Quantity, Original Maker.

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A Guide to Levi’s Tabs

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Remarkably, it’s still possible to find shirts dating way back to the early days of Pendleton, and even more remarkably, they’re not that expensive.

Your search comes up empty, so you turn the garment inside out to look along the side or bottom seam. Not all vintage pieces have a label or tag, however — especially if it was handmade, which vintage prior to the s often was. Be sure to visit my How to Date Clothing as Vintage article for tips beyond the tag. According to my tips, what is the probable age of your favorite vintage garment? The verbiage should be up front and not behind the tag. Secondly, the production country of a modern garment is typically found behind the tag — not frontside, as seen here on this s Jeanne Marc label.


A jacket really can make or break an outfit so I will be talking about how, by simply selecting the right jacket, it can be one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression on a date. Subconsciously, it will be so a good indicator of, not only of your social standing financially, but also of what you feel comfortable enough to wear as your primary shell on a daily basis. It is your armour when embarking onto the dating battlefield.

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Discover ideas about vintage talon produced a nylon zipper dating talon was a by zipper general zipper is a long white muzzle, just wasting away on jackets.

The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is an American military flight jacket originally invented and developed for and closely associated with World War II U. Army Air Forces pilots , navigators and bombardiers, who often decorated their jackets with squadron patches and elaborate artwork painted on the back. Sometimes casually referred to as a bomber jacket , its original designation was “Jacket, Pilot’s summer “, and its wartime usage was limited neither to pilots nor to bomber crews. The Type A-2 flying jacket was adopted as standard issue by the U.

Army Air Corps as the successor to the Type A-1 flying jacket on May 9, , per specification number The U. It describes the jacket’s construction as “seal brown horsehide leather, knitted wristlets and waistband skirt. The A-1’s stand-up knitted collar, which buttoned closed, was supplanted in the A-2 by a shirt-style leather collar, with hidden snaps at the points and a hook-and-eye latch at the throat.

Men’s Fashions

The dating and identification of vintage Levi denim jackets is knowledge that can benefit you personally and financially. Dating a Levi jacket is easy and if you have been wondering how to tell if a Levi jacket is old, then this guide is for you. Whether you are seeking to add to your personal vintage wardrobe or add another item to your buy list at yard sales and thrift stores, this introductory guide on How to Identify Vintage Levi’s Jackets will give you the basic insights and teach you how to recognize real vintage so you can make smarter decisions.

If you are already familiar with how to identify vintage Levi jeans , then it will come as no surprise to you that many of the same characteristics and terminology is used for jacket identification as well.

Vintage Storm Riders have bulkier sleeves than in most modern denim jackets. You can roughly date all Lee denim jackets by the small LEE.

Discussion in ‘ Outerwear ‘ started by Dinerman , Oct 26, Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Oct 26, 1. Messages: 10, How to help date your jacket and other items based on their zippers, s-present. Guides for dating the pull, the stop box, the slider and the top-stops.

Separable bottomed zippers, where you can disengage the two sides of the zipper, as found on jackets, were first introduced in The changes in component styles made by Talon since then can help pin down the dating of your vintage clothing. Keep in mind that there was overlap in the changeovers in component styles, which is to say, you may have a jacket with a stop box most commonly used in the late s and a slider most commonly used in the mid s. Hardware like this also didn’t always get used immediately, so earlier hardware may have found its way into later garments.

How to Identify Vintage Levi Jean Jackets

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big E levi red tab. How to date vintage levis jackets! More information. How to date vintage levis jackets! Find this Pin and more on by Shan White.

I am stumped. I found an RN database that says hayes The RN number can only show you the oldest the item could be. For example a bandana with rn could be as old as or could have been made much sooner. I have a Charter Club dress that has a wpl label. I read that wpl numbers were only assigned from , but Charter Club seems like a more modern label. How old is it? I know that you want to read these little goddamn lists and chuckle to your impressive self about the foibles of others bipeds.

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How to identify vintage zippers

Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Sep 12, 1.

The dating and identification of vintage Levi denim jackets is knowledge that can benefit you personally and financially. Dating a Levi jacket is.

There are now people all over the world with my grinning mug and pink mohawk in their travel pics. Hi there Do you know in what year did Schott begin putting the “Schott” emblazoned tab on the pocket of jackets? We used a small pocket label, sewn onto the pocket flap in the mid’s, then in again in the mid’s. Eli, let’s see some of those pictures of you and your friends with some tourists! We’d love to see them. Hi Jason, Wow, I dont have any of them.

How To Determine Production Date Of Vintage Levi’s Denim Jackets

I am always looking for ways to identify the age of historic military clothing or equipment that I find. If you correctly read the stamp, you will know when your item was manufactured. A significant aid in figuring out how much your item may be worth! The first was DA, which stands for D efense A gency. It ran from to It was used from to

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I kid, I kid. A handy tip is to wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck. If it wraps around, then it should fit. Etsy : There are so many sellers and listings on Etsy, but here are a few of my fave shops for vintage denim. Gold Penny Vintage : a highly curated shop for vintage denim. The pieces are hand cut and sewn for a perfect, modern fit but they are pricier than other options. Note the s have a button fly, while the s have a zip fly. Expect to size up sizes when shopping vintage. If the fit around the thighs is too baggy, take them to a good tailor and get them sewn in.

Getting a baggier pair of jeans is better, as that gives your tailor more denim to work with and really give you that hugged around the thighs look.

Levi’s Big E Type III Type II Trucker Denim Jacket

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