Korean Superstitions & Halloween Events 2019

Korean Superstitions & Halloween Events 2019

We mentioned in our video that we have a few more Korean superstitions to talk about in our blog post. Question: did you ever wonder why you failed that last test? Did you eat bread on that day? So, if you eat 0, you get 0. See how much that makes sense? Atkins diet, FTW! Hey: remember that test that you failed, dummy? Did you put conditioner in your hair when you showered? If you did either of these things, which are slippery, then you let your test results slip through your fingers, or something like that. What about slides???

Fun Korean Dating Superstitions: Don’t Break Up!

This is the Korean you’ll never learn in a textbook. Do you know must-know Korean superstitions? With this quick audiobook, you’ll learn Korean culture and the Korean language at the same time.

Korean folklore offers another ancient explanation for solar eclipses. It suggests that solar eclipses happen because mythical dogs are trying to steal the Sun.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Superstition states that presenting a lover with a pair of shoes will make him or her run away… most likely in the same pair of shoes! Some suggest the fan death myth was even promulgated by the government to limit the use of electricity during the s energy crisis.

Nevertheless, stories surrounding fan death continue to regularly crop up in the South Korean media, especially in the summer months. In the past, red ink was used to write the names of the deceased on the family register. In many countries, pigs are often seen as dirty animals but in Korea, they are representative of fertility and wealth.

This superstition dates back to the time of the Mongol invasion of Goryeo Korea, when the body of the deceased would remain in the home for some time. Afterward, he or she would be carried out of the house in a coffin.

15 Fascinating Facts About Korean Love, Pregnancy, Death and Other Superstitions

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Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore gambling superstitious beliefs and motivations of those visiting a casino in South Korea, and how these factors are.

Contributors: KH initiated the research, conducted analysis of the data and wrote the paper. TF participated in all processes and is guarantor for this paper. AE participated in data collection and discussion. MR and MM participated in the analysis of the data and discussion. To determine the influence of superstition about Taian a lucky day -Butsumetsu an unlucky day on decision to leave hospital.

To estimate the costs of the effect of this superstition. Patients who were discharged alive from Kyoto University Hospital from 1 April to 31 March Mean number, age, and hospital stay of patients discharged on each day of six day cycle. The mean number, age, and hospital stay of discharged patients were highest on Taian and lowest on Butsumetsu The superstition influenced the decision to leave hospital, contributing to higher medical care costs in Japan.

Belief in Taian-Butsumetsu, a superstition relating to the six day lunar calendar, is common among Japanese people.

Korean Dating Superstitions

Every culture has their own superstitions about wealth, luck, and love, and Korea is no different. Watch this video about Korean dating superstitions so you can avoid breaking up with your Korean girlfriend or boyfriend! Korean Dating Superstition 4 — All men in Korea have to go to the army. At Korean weddings, you choose a friend — usually someone engaged — to catch the bouquet.

The bride must not be seen by the groom on the day and day before a wedding.

Why so many superstitions about exams? Korea takes its education seriously. You know what’s North American superstition for exam days? Don’t.

Or maybe you do that already:. Legend holds that the first kiss of the new year should be with your beloved at the stroke of midnight so you stay happy and together for the next 12 months. This is an odd one. This is a no-brainer, but you should make sure to have food in your cupboard before midnight. Why, you ask? Because both of those animals walk backward. You want to move ahead in the new year.

At the stroke of midnight, open your doors and windows.

9 superstitions about romance from around the world that could change your love life

When you are in Korea, it is a good idea to know Korean superstitions. Understanding superstitions can help you know the reasons behind certain behaviors, and gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture. You can have more to talk with your Korean friends, or even bring yourself some good luck!

Korean Superstitions That Just May Save Your Life · 1. Moving on certain days is bad luck · 2. Fan death · 3. Whistling at Night · 4. Number Four · 5.

Superstition follows us everywhere. We unapologetically cross our fingers and toes and … well … whatever else we can when we’re in need of a little extra luck. While some of these rituals might sound a little odd, you won’t catch us making any big commitments on Friday the 13th. Celebrating or even congratulating someone on a birthday before the day arrives brings bad luck, at least in Russia that is.

The infinite reflections may look cool, but in Mexico and elsewhere facing mirrors open a doorway for the devil. Poking chopsticks down into your food is a big no-no in Japan. The utensils look like the unlucky number four, which means death, and also the incense sticks used at funerals. Another tip: Don’t point your chopsticks at anyone. That’s just plain rude. Gifting anything with a blade can supposedly sever a relationship , so if you receive a knife set or a pair of scissors as a present, give the person a coin in return.

Korean Superstitions That Just May Save Your Life

Solar eclipses have caused fear, inspired curiosity, and have been associated with myths, legends, and superstitions throughout history. Even today, an eclipse of the Sun is considered a bad omen in many cultures. Ancient cultures tried to understand why the Sun temporarily vanished from the sky, so they came up with various reasons for what caused a solar eclipse. In many cultures, the legends surrounding solar eclipses involve mythical figures eating or stealing the Sun.

Others interpreted the event as a sign of angry or quarreling gods.

Here are 15 fascinating Korean superstitions: If you’re dating someone and going to go for a walk together, keep in mind that you may want to.

Koreans, like other East Asians, have traditionally been eclectic rather than exclusive in their religious commitments. Their religious outlook has not been conditioned by a single, exclusive faith but by a combination of indigenous beliefs and creeds imported into Korea. Belief in a world inhabited by spirits is probably the oldest form of Korean religious life, dating back to prehistoric times.

There is a rather unorganized pantheon of literally millions of gods, spirits, and ghosts, ranging from the “god generals” who rule the different quarters of heaven to mountain spirits sansin. This pantheon also includes gods who inhabit trees, sacred caves, and piles of stones, as well as earth spirits, the tutelary gods of households and villages, mischievous goblins, and the ghosts of persons who in many cases met violent or tragic ends. These spirits are said to have the power to influence or to change the fortunes of living men and women.

Korean shamans are similar in many ways to those found in Siberia, Mongolia, and Manchuria. Cheju Island is also a center of shamanism. Shamans, most of whom are women, are enlisted by those who want the help of the spirit world. Female shamans mudang hold kut , or services, in order to gain good fortune for clients, cure illnesses by exorcising evil spirits, or propitiate local or village gods.

Such services are also held to guide the spirit of a deceased person to heaven. Often a woman will become a shaman very reluctantly–after experiencing a severe physical or mental illness that indicates “possession” by a spirit.

These Are The 10 Oldest And Weirdest Korean Superstitions You’ll Ever Hear

We the humans are smart… most of the time. Most of the time, we believe in science, we think with logic, and we behave like intellectuals. That is, perhaps, why every culture has its own set of old and undying superstitions. We keep believing and passing them down the generations.

Every culture has some superstitious beliefs and the Koreans are no Reminder​: The date of publication of the next post will be announced on.

Chuseok is celebrated by preparing a large feast for the family. However, before anyone can eat, the family must open the doors to allow their ancestoral spirits into the home. If one does not open the door, then the ancestors will be angry and is bad luck. My name is Jeeseob Jang. But before that I lived in Korea like for my entire life, I guess. And so you always have to make sure to do that.

Family is a very important aspect of the tradition, since all members of the family need to be present. We open the door so the ancestors can come.

10 Korean Superstitions you’re not ready to discover!

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