How a subreddit seemingly destined to devolve into chaos stays remarkably sane. How do I get her to stop? The full story involves a number of details that are not particularly redeeming: The original poster actually cheated multiple times; some of his friends joined the ex in her cause because they no longer wanted to be associated with him and in fact actively disliked him; at no point did the poster acknowledge that this woman is obviously very funny! There are more than 1 million subreddits on Reddit, though the number of active communities is somewhere around , With more than 2. Last month, it recorded more than 40 million pageviews, and added an average of 1, new members each day. This is a space to air your dirty laundry and request that perfect strangers tell you how to get the stains out. And as many different schools of thought as there are for red wine on silk, there are exponentially more for dealing with infidelity, dishonesty, poor personal hygiene, a partner who is perfectly kind in person but then tweets all his negative feelings about the relationship on a public Twitter account. You can imagine the conversation spiraling out of control, but you rarely see it happen.

Men Reveal Which ‘Female’ Traits They Think Are Really Annoying And We DGAF

Having a crush can be a beautiful thing – if they like you back. But if the object of your affection doesn’t return the love, you can be left with crushing disappointment, a blow to your ego, and possible heartbreak. Rejection is a difficult, albeit inevitable pill to swallow in life, but especially when it comes to dating. The trick is to know when you’ve been served that pill and how to walk away gracefully.

Do I really need more proof that people are stupid? Up of the Dark Ages from the actual period to well past this date and sometime into

Dunno, the first two times I was sort of stunned and curious. Baby, if you are reading this, there are only 10 years in a decade. Not My girlfriend was arguing it was a state. I found something for her that was perfect and it had a connection to some funny event involving her and my cat. So I made the present from the cat. I thought I was being cute and she would make the connection. I thought she was joking. It went on for so long that I thought she must be thinking of the best noun I had ever heard.

At that moment my ex said something about how she thought it was weird that they would include reindeer in the movie because it kind of breaks the immersion.

9 of the Craziest Reddit r/Relationships Stories

Reddit is a website that calls itself “the front page of the internet,” and it truly does contain a little something for everyone. On this site, registered community members from around the world submit text posts, images, and direct links in order to inform, amuse, and entertain. You get to decide what kind of content you see when you log in. Reddit consists of thousands of subreddits, which are pages devoted to individual topics.

Everything from current events and politics to funny memes has a place here, and one needs only to search for a subject that interests them to find an entire community of like-minded souls looking to share their web findings and daily musings with others.

There are thousands of subreddits on Reddit. If you like stupid human tricks and gifs of people narrowly avoiding getting badly injured, this.

Everyone has their deal breakers and while some may be pettier than others, there are just some things that just don’t work. Maybe there was a time in your life where you felt like you could make exceptions but after a failed attempt or maybe a few , you realized that there were some things that you would never, ever be able to put up with again. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, they’re your rules and you can break them if you want to but there’s a reason you made those rules in the first place.

Your newest crush may be super cute with a great smile but what about the fact that he has dirty feet and always wears sandals? Deal breakers are generally formed after you’ve experienced someone with a problem that you never want to deal with again. It could be something that you can spot right away like if they’re rude to the wait staff, they don’t have a job, or they say that they’re “not a dog person.

In order to protect yourself, you need to be able to notice those red flags quickly. You know what you should look out for when you start dating a new guy but what is the guy looking for? These 21 men went to Reddit to explain what their biggest deal breakers are in relationships.

8 Surprisingly Great Pieces of Marriage Advice Shared on Reddit

What happened? Infinity Ward also promised to monitor and identify racist content, such as “hate-oriented names,” and add in-game functionality “to make it easier to report offenses. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward stand for equality and inclusion.

Nvidia GeForce RTX release date, price and specs: all the RTX A Reddit user charted just how much AMD is beating Intel right now That alone would be enough to assert AMD’s dominance, but Reddit Games of the Generation: Titanfall 2 should be bigger than Fortnite, but you’re all idiots.

Subscriber Account active since. There are certain things, like putting lids on blenders and knowing how to use a broom, that are little more than basic common sense. In fact, everyone learns these things pretty much as soon as they come out of the womb. On a Reddit thread, someone asked people to share the basic life skills their partners somehow never learned before they started dating — and some of the answers were pretty astounding. INSIDER was unable to independently verify all of these stories, but you’ll definitely have a good laugh as you scroll through them.

She said her mother wouldn’t let her learn because she was afraid of her drowning. Not like lazy, but literally has never handled a broom before and doesn’t have the motor memory for a sweeping motion. I actually kind of have to work hard not to laugh as its adorably watching a grown human being handling a broom like a toddler.

Girls share their ‘instant deal breakers’ for a first date

Rinaudo enabled a bot that let his viewers submit videos if they made a cash donation and went to bed. On the top right of the screen, the clips played on, while most of the display was taken up by Rinaudo resting on his back or side. The newest trend in Twitch streaming is literally sleeping.

What about if you need advice on how to get your girlfriend to stop writing It sounds dumb but I thought it would be super awesome to have.

A viral internet thread has shed light on the most moronic remarks people have endured at the hands of their partner. We get to a fork and I say “okay now we need to go north”. She says “haven’t we been this whole time? Confused, I look at her and ask why she says that. She replies “north is the direction in front of you yeah? Elsewhere, user IsThatyouhair’s boyfriend tried to convince her that ‘the colour orange didn’t exist, because it was really just pink and red mixed together.

And while the path to true love is never smooth, we imagine Glitter-recession recieved some strange gifts on Valentine’s Day:. Follow us on Twitter: eslifeandstyle. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Food for London. Digital Edition. The Londoner. The Reader. Matthew d’Ancona.

Here Are Reddit’s Whiniest, Most Low-Key Toxic Subreddits

It should come as little surprise that Reddit, the mega-popular message board and self-declared “front page of the Internet,” is now the fourth most popular website in the US , beat only by Google, YouTube, and Facebook. It’s become a perfunctory press tour stop for celebrities and politicians, played a critical role in historical political events , and, much to the dismay of the site’s top brass, has also turned into a hotbed of hatred and bigotry.

As Reddit’s profile and popularity has risen, its management has historically shown a touch-and-go approach to policing certain of its subreddits member-founded-and-moderated communities, where users gather to discuss anything under the sun —especially, until recent years, the most toxic among them. But the ban was a tacit acknowledgement by Reddit management that overseeing a website of this magnitude brings innate ethical responsibilities.

A Reddit thread has revealed exactly what men hate about women, and Others had beef with girls acting stupid on purpose to appear ‘cute and him trying to ask his girlfriend where she’d like to go have dinner, to no avail.

Redditors share how they’re coping with the coronavirus pandemic. We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience dealing with the pandemic: How are you coping? What challenges do you face? What are your moments of joy? What advice do you have for others? There are a few ways to reach us:. This content was originally created for audio. The transcript has been edited from our original script for clarity. Heads up that some elements i. Ben Brock Johnson: Amory.

Here Are The 20 Best Boredom-Busting Subreddits to Follow

Reddit is a social media content aggregation website that bills itself as “The Front Page of the Internet “. It is incredibly popular, collecting over 37 billion views and million unique visitors in alone, [3] even though it can’t make itself profitable. Reddit works by having users, or “redditors”, submit links to other websites, upload images, or just provide textual content, or “self-posts”. These posts and their comments are all voted up or down by other redditors.

Reddit displays more recent and more upvoted content higher, so “good” stuff gets visibility while “bad” stuff falls away.

Here’s Reddit’s Best Dating Advice For Single People. By Zachary Brenner. Updated 2 years ago Ugh, I’m such an idiot.

Wife got the flu. Thew up at the reception. Took NyQuil and passed out. Spent wedding night watching late night TV. I got food poisoning at mine and spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor while my husband watched football. You guys could form a club. My dad fell asleep while he and my mom were on a date seeing the king. And I live with Yule Brenner. We immediately left the wedding and drove ten hours on our way to New Orleans for our honey moon.

As someone who has performed in the King and I, I nearly fell asleep while singing uncle Tom’s cabin. I posted this already, but I’ll chime in. I’m the husband, and I was sick with gastritis so my wife cried for a long time before falling asleep.

People Who Just Realised They Were Dating An Idiot

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